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Actor, producer talk about historical series: ifilm exclusive

In an ifilm exclusive report, an actress and producer talk about making successful historical series.

In an ifilm exclusive report, actress Helia Emami and producer Mehdi Tahvilian talk about the criteria making historical series a success.

Actress Helia Emami, the female lead in a new historical series, said in ifilm show ‘Behind the Scenes' that the director's name is important before choosing such projects.

She added that the historical project she is playing in has a very strong screenplay.

Also interviewed in the same show was a producer of this project titled, ‘Gone from Memories’ who told ifilm that making historical projects is way too difficult than making contemporary works, adding the settings and costumes should be made before producing such works.       

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The series narrates the story of a young lady back in Iranian history who faces challenges due to not having enough knowledge about Iranian culture and society.

Actress Helia Emami who appears in this A-list series from Iran’s small screen industry offers the promise of a new young talent in Iranian cinema and Television.

ifilmers should keep an eye out for her works to be aired by their favorite channel in the near future.