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‘Tornado’ to hit silver screens soon

Seyyed-Javad Hashemi’s ‘Tornado’ is soon to hit Iranian silver screens.

Seyyed-Javad Hashemi’s latest cinematic offering ‘Tornado’ has been set to go on screen in Iranian cinema halls soon.

According to media reports, ‘Tornado’ is almost ready and is currently in the process of color-correction and final technical stages.

Javad Hashemi, who is mostly known as the director of children and youth cinema, has expressed positive attitudes towards ‘Tornado’, saying that, “I believe ‘Tornado’ is way better than my previous productions in screenplay.”

Director of the successful ‘White Forehead’ trilogy also mentioned that, “Such musical films can perform well at the box office; and they can also bring children and teenagers together with their families to cinema halls.”

“Personally speaking, as a director who makes movies specifically for this age, I am doing my best to produce a movie that can gross well at the box office, and also to satisfy audience,” he added.

Among the cast of ‘Tornado’ are Akbar Abdi, Kamran Tafti, Behnoush Bakhtiyari, Arsalan Qasemi, and Elnaz Habibi.

‘Tornado’ is the story of four kids who travel to space with a spacecraft and they encounter aliens there.