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Iran’s Dariush Ghazbani crowned best director at US festival

Iran’s Dariush Ghazbani wins Best Director award at the Feedback Int'l Film Festival in the US.

Iran’s Dariush Ghazbani has won Best Director award at the 2019 Feedback International Film Festival in the US.

Ghazbani received the award for his 12-minute film ‘Trap’, according to Iranian media.

The film is about two women who live in Iraq and are protecting their house and children against Takfiri militants, Ghazbani said.

The film has participated at the 15th Resistance International Film Festival in Iran, the filmmaker added.

Ghazbani, an actor and director, was born in the Iranian province of Bushehr in 1975.

He has made 15 short films, including 'Hannaneh', 'That Night', and ‘Hope’, as well as a feature film so far.

Ghazbani has also appeared in his short film ‘Those Three’.