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Best-selling comedy ‘Texas 2’ outs new poster

Best-selling Iranian comedy ‘Texas 2’ has unveiled a new poster.

Best-selling Iranian comedy ‘Texas 2’ has unveiled a new poster.

Directed by Masoud Atyabi, the film which is among the three box-office toppers outs a new poster sketched by Amin Shafiei.

‘Texas 2’ is a sequel to the original action comedy ‘Texas’ released a year ago with a tagline reading, “Never Threaten an Iranian, even in Texas”.

The flick narrates the story of two friends, Sasan and Bahram, with the former living in Brazil and the latter longing to move there.

In order to make his dream come true, Bahram adopts a Brazilian child to increase his chances of moving there. The next step which involves a money transfer to Sasan in order to complete the transaction is where it all begins.

Pejman JamshidiSam DerakhshaniMehdi HashemiZhaleh Sameti, Behrang Alavi, Reza Naji, Omid Rouhani, Soheyl Qannadan, Nader Soleymani are the Iranian stars of the flick.

Brazilian actress Gabriela Petri is also among the cast members of the film.