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'The Tenth Night' actress talks of casting: ifilm exclusive

In an exclusive report, ifilm has talked with one of the actresses in hit series 'The Tenth Night'.

In an exclusive report, ifilm has talked with actress Sediqeh Kianfar playing a memorable role in hit series 'The Tenth Night’.

The actress before the ifilm camera in Behind the Scenes show said of her casting for the series by Hassan Fathi, noting that the director asked the crew to give her a black headscarf  before writing a few sentences to act spontaneously.

She described her test screen as "short but very enjoyable," adding she had no idea Mr. Fathi was working on a then-new series.

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Sediqeh Kianfar kicked off her artistic career with radio performances in 1957 before making her acting debut with ‘The Crisis’ in 1987. 

She has acted in many series, including 'All of My Children' and 'The Forbidden Fruit' aired by ifilm.

The impressive drama 'The Tenth Night’ narrates the story of Heidar who loses a bet which means he had to steal some items from a mansion belonging to a princess of the previous Qajar dynasty that has been overthrown by the new ruler, Reza Pahlavi.

When Heidar meets the princess, he falls for her and pops the question. To avoid marrying him, the princess sets a condition she is sure he will meet.