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ifilm talks with ‘Huge Problems’ actress

In an exclusive interview with ifilm, actress Maryam Saadat talks about challenges to make laugh-worthy comedy series.

In an exclusive interview with ifilm, Maryam Saadat playing the role of Firouzeh in ‘Huge Problems’ talks about challenges to make laugh-worthy comedy series.

The actress depicted Firouzeh’s character who was embodied in dealing with her daughter and son-in-law’s problems in ‘Huge Problems’.

The character loves her son-in-law in ‘Huge Problems’, though she hopes all his problems work out for the best in the blink of an eye.

Given that the actress has appeared in many comic series, ifilm asked her in an exclusive interview what she thinks about where comedy genre in Iranian TV stands at the moment.

In response to the query, Saadat said people these days laugh less in reaction to comic scenes and it is not just like in the past, adding, “They hardly laugh at things for no good reason.”

She concluded that the cast and crew for such series in the comedy genre have a hard time finding the best subject matters to entertain the audiences.

This comes as the actress once told the local media about ‘Huge Problems’ that the series presents serious real life issues through the language of humor.

Considering what she said about ‘Huge Problems’ and the difficulty of making the audience laugh, one can say producing comedies are even a more challenging task compared with other genres.

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ifilm has aired original 'Huge Problems' as well as its sequel.

The actress also told ifilm that she loves working in this genre, adding, “I have always worked for smart people.”   

Another criterion she mentioned about comedy series was that such series should not always use household names as it is wrong here as well as in any other genres.

She commented, “Actors should be given enough chances to act in various genres, not to be well-settled in one type.”

‘Huge Problems’ follows the story of Latif is who has been down on his luck. He gets a job at the municipality as a hearse driver and he thinks that his luck has finally changed for the better.

But when he loses the corpse of a wealthy man, he realizes that his luck hasn't changed as he’s now facing a lot of huge problems.