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ifilm talks to ‘3×4’ series director Majid Salehi

‘3×4’ series director has talked about the enjoyable moments that he experiences in the realm of film directing.

In an exclusive interview with ifilm, ‘3×4’ series director Majid Salehi has talked about the enjoyable moments that he experiences in the realm of film directing.

Majid Salehi is considered as selective but active director. During the last 4-5 years, he has directed his works to a new lane and has succeeded to receive positive feedbacks from both specific and common viewers of his products. After years of working in the realm of cinema and TV shows, now his resume proves that he is not just an actor or director of comedy works. He has demonstrated his talent for serious roles although the serious roles that he plays contain sense of humor too.

ifilm has conducted an interview with Majid Salehi  in Persian. Below are the highlights of the talk with the famed actor.

ifilm: You have worked both as actor and director. Which one do you prefer more?

Majid Salehi: I love to work as director because I set aims for that and take it more serious than acting. I enjoy being a director and I feel better when I get involved in it. I enjoy it because I think, as a director, I am doing an activity which is useful for people. It is also enjoyable for me because as a director I spend my time and energy in the way that is desirable for me. As a director I develop the idea of the film in my mind, I pick those actors who are qualified for the project and finally when I see that the result is perfect, I feel delighted.

ifilm: some people believe that actors should avoid becoming directors because they are not specialist at this field. What is your idea about this?

Majid Salehi: Look, I studied film directing in the university. It is natural that I am interested to work in the field of film directing. Film directing is not an easy job. It is a difficult job because the whole responsibility of a project is on the director’s shoulders. The director is the focus of attention and the desirable result is expected from him.

ifilm: From a point onwards, you appeared in the series with minor roles. Even you played roles which people did not like them. How do you justify this issue?

Majid Salehi: To some extent I agree with you. Over a period of time I played some roles that people liked them and even now many people know me by those roles. At the beginning I started my work in TV shows which were both specific and attractive. But from a time forward I became less active and appeared with more minor roles in the series.

ifilm: These days you appear in works which are not comedy. Do you want to quit playing comedy?

Majid Salehi: From the very first day that I entered the world of acting until now that I am talking to you, I liked to taste different genres but unfortunately for a period of time comedy roles were just offered to me. In recent years serious roles were also offered to me and I am so happy for this issue. The fact that these days I appeared before cameras with serous roles does not mean that I quit acting comedy roles. There are factors which are effective in my new approach. These days, in my job, I make decision based on factors like the role, the script, the director, the producer and so on.