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‘Father’ top 30 lines that can change your life – Part 2

ifilm makes a list of 'Father' top 30 dialogues.

Dialogues do form a crucial part of what we watch on screen. We might not remember what the actor wore; who the director is or maybe even the name of the movie; but what we surely remember is those clap worthy sequences where the actors mouth the most thought-provoking dialogues that remain etched in our memory.

ifilm English presents to you the second and last list of the best dialogues of ‘Father’ that remained memorable.

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  • God will provide for you from a place where you would never think of. God give it and God take it.”
  • “Have you ever seen the people who hate you in a better situation than you are in?”
  • “Many of the things that we learn about love in our life are taught to us by people who don't even like us.”


  • Leila: What does it mean to miss someone?
  • Hamed: Missing someone feels like you are going to die but you don’t.

  • “If you leave your family, it means you leave everything. Then, there is nothing left for you, nothing!”
  • “The good thing about problems is they come and go. They don't stay.”

  • “Change the way you think; then most of your problems will be resolved.” 
  • “Pain is temporary but backing down is forever. Be careful you don't mistake that two.”
  • “Woman is a strange creature. When she closes her eyes, her heart does all the seeing for her. But when you break that heart, there is an ocean of tears. It’s almost as though she was created to humble every single man.”

  • “Respect is very different from reverence. Respect is between eldest and the youth but reverence is about humanity, dignity, about nobility and honor.”
  • “Sometimes your family tends to make you to hold your tongue. Tolerate a thorn in your side.”

  • “You don't have to have a problem with someone for you to not like them. Sometimes there are people who show up in life and it's just the way they talk, the way they walk even the way that they breathe create a deep hatred within you.”
  • “Sometimes something happens in a person's life that appears to be simple but then it's an explosion. The fragments hit a hundred different parts of a person's life. The damages remain and we get older and older. Sometimes it remains with the person for the rest of their life. It causes them to remain fearful.”

  • “Women feel reassured when they know they are not alone so they don't open their eyes and realize that they have suddenly been abandoned.”
  • “When your fingernails are too long, you cut them but not the fingers. Rather, get rid of mistakes, instead of people.”