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I made this movie with 70 film reels: Actor to ifilm

Actor/director Daryoush Farhang talks exclusively to ifilm about difficulties in making movies during Iran-Iraq war.

In an ifilm exclusive report, actor/director Daryoush Farhang talks about difficulties in making movies during Iran-Iraq war.

The actor of ifilm series 'The Innocent Ones' said about one of his award-winning movies titled 'One Ticket, Two Movies!' that making this pic was really difficult for him at the time of Iraq-Iran war due to economic hardships.

He noted that the authority allocated just 70 reels of negatives in non-digitized format.

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The director also said of the dilemma ahead of him that he put aside worries and decided to make his award-winning flick with just a limited number of reels given to him.    

'One Ticket, Two Movies!' narrates the story of a man in love with acting who finally gains the chance to appear in a movie. However, the audiences never know from the starting scenes of the flick that this pic is just a movie which narrates another story closely related to the real life of the main character.

Farhang has also acted in movies, such as 'Perhaps Another Time' (1987), 'Diplomat' (1995), 'The Yellow Rose' (2002), 'The Sun Will Rise' (2006), and 'Muhammad: The Messenger of God' (2014).

He has also appeared in series, such as 'The Final Shot' (1994), 'The Trial' (1998-1999), 'The Final Decision' (2001), 'Five Kilometers to Heaven' (2011), 'The Pahlavi Hat' (2012-2013), and 'Amen' (2014).