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ifilm talks with actresses in Shahab Hosseini starrer: Exclusive

ifilm talks with actresses in new Iranian film starring Iran megastar Shahab Hosseini.

In an exclusive talk with ifilm, actresses appearing in new Iranian film 'Nabat' share experiences about Iran megastar Shahab Hosseini's starrer.

One of the actresses in the movie said to ifilm, "Playing a role along with Mr. Shahab Hosseini was a different experience," adding the whole cast and crew simply "loved to make something good happen."

A teenage actor in 'Nabat' playing the titular role also said, "She felt just like Nabat", adding that she was totally drowned in her role.

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The last starring actress interviewed in this ifilm report reveals something interesting about acting, noting that "if you really want to be an actor or artist, you need to toil till eternity."

The romantic feature by new directing talent Pegah Arzi narrates the story of a well-off single dad who lives with his only daughter Nabat. They had a happy life just before Nabat would get to know someone. The new woman coming to their world brings about some hassles for this father and daughter.

Iranian megastar Shahab Hosseini, Nazanin Farahani and Setayesh Mahmoudi are among the cast members of the new flick.