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Cypriot director praises Iranian cinema

Marios Piperides says Iranian films are straightforward in stories and deep in concepts.

Cypriot producer and director Marios Piperides praises Iranian cinema, describing it as straightforward in stories and deep in concepts.

In a recent interview with local media in Iranian capital city of Theran said, “Iranian films are very good and deep. They have straightforward stories and plain production, but are deep in concept,” adding, “You may think it is easy, but it is very hard to make these kinds of films.”

The director, who is in Iran to promote his comedy ‘Smuggling Hendrix’ as part of the European Film Week in several Iranian cities, said that he is mostly familiar with Iranian filmmakers through the screenings of their films in International film festivals.

‘Smuggling Hendrix’, the director’s first feature, is a dramatic comedy about a fading musician named Yannis who plans to leave his country Cyprus for a better life abroad. When his dog Jimi runs away, crossing the UN buffer zone dividing the Greek and Turkish sides of the Island, Yannis has to put his plans on hold.

The first-time director encouraged his fellow Cypriots to visit Iran.

“This is how they can learn about the country and get to know the people,” he said, adding, “The richness of the culture of the country and its ancient civilization will have an impact on people who come to visit here.”