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When Iranian father gets protective of daughter: ifilm lens

Here is ifilm's choice of scene showing how an Iranian man gets Gheirati!

Here is ifilm's choice of scene showing how an Iranian father feels protective towards his daughter.

In the scene from one of Iranian series titled 'The Capital' by Sirous Moqaddam, the lead actor feels insecure when he learns through his wife that a possible suitor for his daughter may show up soon.

The kind of feeling this man is showing in this scene somewhat highlights one important trait of an Iranian man called Gheirat or being protective of his family-usually the female members- in case he feels they are in danger.

Commonly when someone proposes to an Iranian young lady, her father feels Gheirati which is quite different from “jealousy” as an Iranian father protects his daughters and makes sure safety and prosperity of her daughter before she makes an important decision for her future life.

Kind Iranian fathers do not try to take over their daughters’ life and watch every move of them whatsoever. That is for sure jealousy and over-protection which no one approves.