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‘The Tenants’ screens for visually impaired

Iranian cineasts attend special screening of ‘The Tenants’ for visually impaired.

A number of Iranian cineasts have attended the special screening of ‘The Tenants’ for visually impaired people.

Stars such as Taraneh Alidousti, Laleh Eskandari and Nima Raeesi endorsed the event coordinated by ifilm star of ‘Madness of Love’ Gelareh Abbassi.

The event that has been set to target the visually impaired audiences kicked off with screening Dariush Mehrjouee’s ‘The Tenants’. The film had gone through some modifications such as adding some voice over besides its dialogues in order to accommodate its special audiences.

The adaptations done on the film make it easier for the visually impaired to make mental images of the film story.

Although such an event has no precedent in Iran, it has been mentioned in a media report that there is a plan to hold screenings of the like on a monthly basis.