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Exploring ‘Kingdom of Solomon’ visual effects: ifilm exclusive

ifilm English TV explores ‘The Kingdom of Solomon the Prophet’ visual effects.

The Kingdom of Solomon the Prophet’ visual effects designer Seyyed Hadi Eslami has sat for an exclusive talk with ifilm English TV.

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“Plot or the acting might make us glued to a movie, but what keeps us enthralled is the innovative visual storytelling,” Eslami well said.    

He brought up the point that when people talk about the magic of cinema, they are usually not referring to monologues. More often than not, it’s the awe-inspiring visuals and imaginary worlds coming to life that give meaning to the phrase magic.

Eslami, who has also served as the visual effects director of ifilm biopic ‘Chamran’, believes that ‘The Kingdom of Solomon the Prophet’ has pushed filmmakers further and further in their quest to create special spark in an ever-evolving field of visual effects.

The special effects created by Eslami for ‘Kingdom of Solomon’, as put by him, “..was considered to be one of the so-called big productions in Iran cinema in 2006.”

Besides Iranian experts in the field, many professional visual effects artists from around the world teamed up to work on the project.

Kingdom of Solomon’ is an Iranian religious/ historical film produced by Mojtaba Faravardeh and directed by Shahriar Bahrani who has made ‘Saint Mary’ before.

The film tells the life story of Prophet Solomon. It is based on the Islamic accounts of Solomon's prophetic life extracted from the holy Quran.