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'3X4' series in review: ifilm exclusive

Current ifilm series '3X4' has acting as strongest point of this TV production, ifilm exclusive review says.

The strongest point of current ifilm series '3X4' lies in perfect performances of best comedy actors starring in this production.

The good casting of this comedy series rounded up a string of stars such as Ali Sadeqi, Majid Salehi, Mehran Rajabi and Shahram Qaedi who are regarded as the best of the best comedy actors in Iran.

The series directed by Majid Salehi has a good screenplay providing the best setting for the characters to be featured within the boundaries of the storyline.

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Comedy series in Iran usually put low-income families in the forefront due to the fact that Iranian people can relate to such people with relative ease.

What made this series so special besides the good cast is that the comedy feature in the production is suitable for all members of the family with no profanity commonly appears in many western movies in this genre.

'3X4’ is a hilarious comedy series which tells the story of Rahman and Siroos, two brothers-in-law who decide to open a cleaning services company to make ends meet and pay for their children’s university tuition. As they do not know much about the job, soon they find themselves caught in various problems, some of which are a bit impossible to solve.

The situational comedy technique used in this series compounded with professional twists by the screenwriter made the production a success.

Ultimately, ‘3X4’ series features a live story of our society with problems many of us are afraid of encountering during the day, but we laugh at them when the night falls. The name of this series comes from a photo size commonly used along with documents submitted to Iranian offices.

Whereas a passport-size photo always works in other countries. This photo size that this series was named after refers to the normal life of a so-called “average Joe” in Iran.