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'The Innocent Ones' actor talks with ifilm

In an ifilm report, 'The Innocent Ones' actor talks about one of the stars in the series.

In an ifilm exclusive report, 'The Innocent Ones' actor talks about Daryoush Farhang who plays a starring role in the series.

Masoud Keramati disclosed to ifilm that his prejudgment about the actor was not quite fine before co-starring with Farhang, adding he initially thought the actor was "serious and bitter."

He, however, noted that his acquaintance with the actor in the series as his co-star was against his prejudgment.

Farhang has appeared in many ifilm series such as 'Breath', 'Amen' and 'The Pahlavi Hat'.

Masoud Keramati is an Iranian actor, director and producer who studied Dramatic Arts at Tehran University.

Keramati has also directed some series and movies such as ‘Patal and Small Wishes’ (1989), ‘Report Card Day’ (2002), and ‘My Little Song’ (2009).

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"Long ago, three young men robbed a bank together, but when the plan went wrong, one of them ended up dead, another in prison, and the third one ran away. After 25 years, the fugitive comes back to Iran to make up for his past sins, but compensation has its own cost," ''The Innocent Ones' description reads.