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I copied performance from real life: Actor to ifilm

In an ifilm exclusive report, actor of 'Special Guests' series says his real life led his performance in the TV production.

In an ifilm exclusive report, actor of 'Special Guests' series, Amir-Hossein Seddiq, says his performance in the TV production was inspired by his own real life experiences.

The actor said before the ifilm camera that in one of the sequences of 'Special Guests' series, he performed off the cuff, adding that his real life led me to act this way on screen.

The series follows Majid who is living in Tehran, working at university and is getting married to the love of his life. Everything seems perfect, until his family comes for a visit to meet his future in-laws. The culture clash between his simple family and his sophisticated in-laws leads to some hilarious hijinks, but it also threatens to ruin Majid’s plans of getting married.

The actor noted that in this sequence described as the one he liked very much "I was supposed to get out of bed,” featuring the character from the point of being still sleepy till the moment he runs late for his class.

Seddiq further disclosed to ifilm about his performance in this scene that what the viewers see was inspired by his real life.