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China, Iran to collaborate in film

Iranian and Chinese filmmakers to sign co-production agreements.

Iranian and Chinese filmmakers have announced their willingness to work on joint film projects on Monday.

Miao Xiaotian, general manager of the China Film Co-Production Corporation, announced that an agreement may be signed by the end of the year.

“China has signed co-production agreements with 22 countries. Similar agreements between Iran and China are in the works, and will be signed by the end of this year,” Xiaotian said.

The remarks were made at the Shanghai International Film Festival’s “Focus on Iran: Dialogue between Iranian and Chinese Filmmakers” session.

Eight Iranian films are participating at the event which runs until June 24th.

Also in attendance at the event were filmmaker and director of the Fajr International Film Festival Reza Mirkarimi, along with the Fajr International Film Festival’s manager of International Relations Department Kamyar Mohsenin.

In his statement, Mohsenin stressed the importance of dialogue between filmmakers.

“Governments can work to promote cooperation between countries, but the implementation should be done by filmmakers. Filmmakers need to have more dialogue,” Mohsenin said.

Wang Yibing, CEO of China’s Dirty Monkey Films Group, talked about the passion that Chinese and Iranian filmmakers share for realistic films, adding, “Each country’s complicated social structure and large population provide fertile soil for creativity.”