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Iranian lineup to vie at Unknown Film Festival

Iranian lineup is to compete at the Unknown Film Festival in Russia.

A lineup of Iranian titles has been scheduled to compete at the 2019 Unknown Film Festival (UFF) in Russia.

The lineup includes ‘Fireworks’ by Shahab Ghaffari, ‘The Incomplete’ by Erfan Parsapour, ‘The City of Honey’ by Moeen Rouholamini, and ‘The Snail’ by Mohammad Torivarian.

‘The City of Honey’ and ‘The Snail’ will compete with 28 films from Azerbaijan, Russia, Spain, Poland, the UK, Germany, Canada, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Ireland, and New Zealand, at the Short films section of the UFF.

‘The Incomplete’ will contend with six titles from Russia, France, China, Germany, and the UK at the Animation section.

‘Fireworks’ will vie along with seven works from Russia, France, and the UK at the Mobile video section of the Russian event.

The UFF is comprised of six sections, including Short films, Documentary short films, Music video, Visual Arts, Animation, and Mobile video.

Screening of finalist works will take place on June 28 in Yekaterinburg, Russia.

The 2019 edition of the UFF is slated for June 28-29.

Are You Volleyball?!’ and ‘Limit’ from Iran were among the winners at the previous edition of the UFF.