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I would like to play in an Afghan production: Katayoun Riahi

‘Prophet Joseph’ star showed willingness to play in an Afghan production.

‘Prophet Joseph’ star Katayoun Riahi has recently said in an interview that she is willing to play in an Afghan production. 

Showing interest to joint productions with other countries, the 57-year-old actress said, “If I am given a role to play in an Afghan production or a movie related to Afghanistan, I would take the chance immediately with no hesitation.”          

When asked about her long break from cinema, she said, “Zoleykha was a special role for me and I lived with the role for quite a long time.”

“Zoleykha was a character that made me want to take a long break from acting,” said Riahi.

She also said, “Afghanistan has talented actors and it is a high privilege to be part of an Iran-Afghan joint production.”

Riahi found fame with the series 'The Patriarch' (1994). However, her starring role in the series 'Prophet Joseph' (2009) made her an international star.