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‘Hattrick’ sweeps nominations in Malaysia

‘Hattrick’ sets a new record in Malaysia International Film Festival (MIFFest).

Iranian feature film ‘Hattrick’ has set a new record in 2019 edition of Malaysia International Film Festival (MIFFest).

Directed by Ramtin Lavvafipour, the social flick has won the most nominations at this year's edition of the Malaysian film event which holds awards night under the name of Golden Global Awards.

The list of nominations reads as follows:

Amir Jadidi has been nominated for the Best Actor award for his starring roles in the film.

The nom for the Best Actor in a Supporting Role award has been given to Saber Abar.

Mahour Alvand will compete for the Best Actress award in a leading role.

Ramtin Lavvafipour is also shortlisted for two awards which are the Best Director and Best the Screenplay.

And finally, the nomination for the Best Film goes to Majid Motallebi for ‘Hattrick’.

The 84-minute feature starts with Lida and her husband, Farzad, attending a party where they see their friend Keyvan and his new friend Raha.

On the way back home, the four in Farzad’s car have an accident but a question mark hangs over whether they have hit a person or an object.

The next setting is Raha’s home where she lives alone. The friends being in that house together is the beginning of many mysteries to unravel.

“A dull quote says people do not change overnight as we fail to look at them every so often,” a brief synopsis of the film reads.

Behrouz Shoeibi’s ‘Axing’ has been closely competing with the film for earning nominations.

The awards night for the 3rd MIFFest is slated for July 20, 2019.