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ifilm weekend pick mixes love, environment

"Love and environment” is in the air; if you really want to know how, read review of this weekend’s movie on ifilm.

ifilm weekend flick ‘The Sweet Taste of Imagination’ features environmental issues of a university lecturer with a sweet love coming in between, review says

The sweet in the title is just reminiscent of a beautiful Persian name given to girls called “Shirin”. In the flick directed by internationally renowned Iranian filmmaker Kamal Tabrizi, the female leading role is the narrator of love and care for the environment visualized through an earthly love for a man.

An important message of the flick can be the way environment needs to be amalgamated with love of humans given that for the environment protection, we should initially fall in love with the nature just as how we care about our beloved.

These days, due to many environmental issues, our mother earth is in danger and what better way to deal with this trend than to go green with a love for nature in general.  

The flick set in Iranian province of Kerman with the male leading role played by famed actor Shahab Hosseini going on regular field trips with his students to different parts of the country.

The university lecturer is so engrossed in the nature that he lives in a village where his house is made of materials with no harm for the environment.

The visual aspect of ‘The Sweet Taste of Imagination’ has been lauded by the critics and a nomination for Best Visual Effects in Fajr Film Festival can serve the claim.

If you are really into mesmerizing scenes from Iran desserts, this film is highly recommended. .

Meanwhile, using the animation technique in some scenes of the flick is an added plus. For example, in one frame, all actors get completely still and the female leading role starts narrating what happened.

In terms of an overall outlook, ‘The Sweet Taste of Imagination’ has a romantic, scientific air with the intention to feature how two people are in love in an fictional manner with a touch of environment issues.  

Translated by Dr. Amir Ghajarieh, University Professor and Journalist