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ifilm snapshot of Shahab Hosseini career path

ifilm reviews some of Shahab Hosseini’s memorable movies.

In this article ifilm explores some of the memorable roles the award-winning star Shahab Hosseini has skillfully brought to life.

Our environmentalist teacher in ‘The Sweet Taste of Imagination’ has so far had experienced playing variety of roles such as a helpless romantic, a police officer torn between the desire to fulfill his duty and finding a way not to, a war hero, a bipolar patient and a gangmaster in love.

The super talented actor gained success in the profession from the very early days of his career. Whatever role he has taken on has been a win. 

Cinema history will never forget his definitive role in Oscar-winning movie ‘A Separation’ where he was a poor man who could not get a proper job as he had criminal record. Against his will, his wife must work which costs him a lot more than he had bargained for.

Hosseini will once again attire as a teacher in ‘The Salesman’. His performance is so magnificent that is noticed by the Cannes film Festival Jury panel. He consequently wins the Palme d’Or of the event.

His sublime manifestation of a mentally challenged man in love in the movie ‘The Painting Pool’ leaves you in awe. It will rip out your heart, bringing a lupm in your throat and tears to your eyes. 

My Brother, Khosrow’ is another arena for the gifted star to portray another memorable role this time as a man suffering from bipolar disorder. Portraying this role without a doubt is no easy job to do.

Should you be interested in romantic flicks, you must not miss watching his movie ‘Heartbroken’ and the series ‘Shahrzad’.

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