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I am not an artist: ‘Setayesh’ actor to ifilm

‘Setayesh’ actor does not think of himself as an artist, ifilm reports exclusively.

Setayesh’ lead actor Daryoush Arjmand holds the idea that he is not a real artist, ifilm reports exclusively.  

Despite landing roles on an epic scale - Imam Ali (AS) to be one of them, the 74-year-old veteran actor said during a TV show aired by ifilm on Nowruz that he does not think of himself as an artist.

“It is really a huge thing to call myself an artist because I don’t see myself as one. I’m in the show business pursuing an art career. Those who are involved in art career are not artists. Real artists are way different people,” Arjmand said in a modest manner.  

Further on, the two-time Crystal Simorgh winning actor raised a very interesting question, addressing some prominent icons in the field, “If you call me an artist, then what are you going to call Mozart? Or Hafez? Or Ferdowsi?”

After many years of performing in theatre, Arjmand started his acting career by appearing in ‘Captain Khorshid’ (1986) which brought him Crystal Simorgh award from the 5th Fajr Film Festival.

He has played different roles ever since, most of which might be considered historical, as well as roles of drama characters.

Arjmand is currently on ifilm TV screen with one of his most obnoxious roles as Setayesh father-in-law in ‘Setayesh’ tragic drama.

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