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Iran cinemas host ‘Boarding Pass’

‘Boarding Pass’ has appeared on the silver screen in Iran.

‘Boarding Pass’ has appeared on the silver screen in Iran.

Directed by Mehdi Rahmani, the movie started screening at the Iranian theaters on June 22.

‘Boarding Pass’ is about body packers that swallow pre-packaged drugs willfully or under duress to transfer them across the borders. They usually carry opium, heroin, cocaine or amphetamine sealed in layers of plastic wrap in their stomachs for smuggling.

The story begins when a package is not sealed properly and starts leaking in the stomach of a body packer. Then the dying process starts with dilated pupils, slower breathing, ruptured intestines, and finally heart failure.

Mansour Shahbazi, Neda Jebraili, Mohammad-Ali Najafi, Asghar Rafie-Jam, and Shirin Yazdanbakhsh are notable among the cast of the 88-minute movie.

The title has made it to the official selection of 33rd Warsaw International Film Festival in 2017.