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‘Gharib’s World’ director talks opening credits

In a talk with local media, ‘Gharib’s World’ director has shared details of his series opening credits.

 In an interview with local media, ‘Gharib’s World’ director has shared interesting details of his series opening credits.

Kianoush Ayyari who made many series and movies such as ‘To Be or Not To Be’ aired by ifilm said in the interview on ‘Gharib’s World’ that “the opening credits of the series showcases the childhood till the death of Dr. Gharib.”

He also added that what is featured in the credits are some scenes of the series itself as well as a few selected sections of archived footage from the doctor’s real life.

“The credits showcases a historical development” while striving to get into a rhythm that comes from the series rhythm, the director said more of the opening.

Ayyari shared another detail on music of the series credits, saying that he used the one with no lyrics, adding music is a pillar forming the viewers’ mentality on a series.

‘Gharib’s World’ is a series set in five stages of Iran history with five actors playing the role of Dr. Gharib in different phases of his life.

Ayyari has directed a number of movies, including ‘The Glorious Day’ (1988), ‘Two Halves of the Apple’ (1991), ‘Bullhorn’ (1995) and ‘Wake Up Arezou’ (2004).

He has also directed series such as ‘A Thousand Eyes’ (2003) and ‘Gharib's World’ (2002-2007).

Ayyari has won several awards from domestic and international film festivals, including two awards from Cairo Film Festival for ‘To Be or Not to Be’ and two awards from Fajr Film Festival for ‘Wake Up Arezou’.