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‘Mr. and Ms. Sangi’ actor talks to ifilm

‘Mr. and Ms. Sangi’ actor discusses about the similarity of his real life behavior to his performance in the world of acting.

In an exclusive interview with ifilm, ‘Mr. and Ms. Sangi’ actor Kambiz Dirbaz has talked about the similarity between his real life behavior and his performance in the world of acting.

ifilm English has conducted an interview with Kambiz Dirbaz who plays role in Mr. and MS. Sangi series currently being aired by the channel. Here is a selected part translation of the interview originally taken in Persian.

He entered the world of cinema by acting in ‘Duel’ and, from the outset, he succeeded to win a Crystal Simorgh (Iran high ranking film festival award) for Best Actor in a Supporting Role. But it seems that for him to work in television was easier and through a general evaluation one can easily come to know that his television works are more acceptable than his works in the field of cinema. Kambiz Dirbaz is considered as an able and selective actor in the realm of cinema and television. If we look at his acting resume, what we face with at the first glance is nothing but variety.

ifilm: Most of the reporters and TV correspondents, who have held talks with Kambiz Dirbaz, have found his real life behavior so similar to the roles that he plays in the world of acting. Do you agree with this?

Kambiz Dirbaz: Yes. The roles that we play are the roles that we have selected them ourselves and consciously or unconsciously those roles are similar to what we wish to be like in real life or at least I think in this way. I have not played negative roles for more than 12 or 13 years. This does not mean that they have not been offered to me, of course I received a lot of offers for this type of role but it is not the ideal role. At least I want to follow the character (that the scriptwriters bring about on papers) and I want Kambiz Dirbaz to be like that character and experience it in the artificial world that the scriptwriters create. I want to experience that character three, four, or five month or any time that it takes.

ifilm: To some extent the characters that you choose are similar. Don’t you think that you repeat the same role in different works?

Kambiz Dirbaz: Sometimes we are doomed to repeat and I accept it because I do not call it repetition, rather, I see it as the completion of the path that we have to go through. I am after completion of an ideal character that I started playing its role in ‘Ekhrajiha’. The character that I love to play its role has strong personality traits and is powerful enough to defend his right.

ifilm: Kambiz Dirbaz is among those actors who is less criticized by the critics. This means that he is a good actor. But roles for cinematic works are less offered to you and your talent is not used by the filmmakers as it should be.  You have not yet reached to the position that you should be in.

Kambiz Dirbaz: I always watch my own works and just see my weak points and my problems. I never like the role that I play for the first time and it is my friends’ kindness that look at me as good actor.  To be continued.