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‘Prophet Joseph’ features director: ifilm cut

Enjoy an ifilm cut featuring late Farajollah Salahshour as Azrael in ‘Prophet Joseph’.

In an ifilm cut, late veteran Farajollah Salahshour is shown to be playing the role of Azrael, the Angel of Death in most commended ‘Prophet Joseph’ series.  

Also directed by Salahshour, the series which was screened while back in ifilm English has a scene where Azrael, played by Salahshour, is descended upon grieving Yaghoub to ensure him that his beloved Yousef is not dead and he no longer needs to weep and wail.

Widely known for his historic religious series ‘Prophet Joseph’, Farajollah Salahshour has directed and appeared in several movies.

He also wrote, produced and directed ifilm TV series 'The Men of Angelos'.

The late filmmaker’s final project was the new ‘Prophet Moses’ series which he had written, but was cut short following his passing.

The series is currently in its pre-production phase with Jamal Shourjeh taking over as director.

Salahshour passed away at the age of 63 on February 27, 2016, in Tehran.