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Stories with realities absorbs me: Marjaneh Golchin to ifilm

ifilm comedy star Marjaneh Golchin has shared her concerns to ifilm for playing in ‘Odd or Even’.

In an ifilm exclusive talk, the genial mother of ifilm comedy series Marjaneh Golchin has shared her concerns for accepting part in ‘Odd or Even’ event series.

“I think it had a different and good story. It addressed the social and current issues of the country; the issues that many families are involved with,” Golchin said adding that, “I have my concerns just as many other families do when it comes to their children.”

Playing the role of a mother who also bears a sense of humor dealing with her children, ‘Odd or Even’ seemed interesting to Golchin because it touched upon the realities of the society.  

“The story of this project became interesting to me because of its realities; the realities we see in the country. I thought it would be interesting for the people if we address these issues in the series.”  

Mehran Ghafourian praises ‘Odd or Even’ script: ifilm exclusive

Co-directed by Alireza Najafzadeh and Mohammad-Hossein Latifi, the family-oriented ‘Odd or Even’ sitcom entertained Iranians during Persian New Year holidays on March 21, 2019.

The screenplay to this 15-episode mini-series is written by Amir-Abbas Payam with Mehran Maham working as the producer.   

Iran IRIB aired the series on channel 3 of Iran national television.