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‘Dilemma’ is a new experience to me: ‘Father’ director to ifilm

ifilm has talked exclusively with Behrang Tofiqi on ‘Dilemma’ backstage.

ifilm TV has taken the camera to the behind the scene of ‘Dilemma’, a new family drama by ‘Father’ director Behrang Tofiqi.

Tofiqi opened up to ifilm in an exclusive interview that all his productions to date have been well received by audiences: “The main function of any TV project is to satisfy the public. I think I was lucky in this regard and all the job offers I received during all these years had an interesting theme. And, I think people received them warmly.”

As some directors believe that the screenplay as a blueprint for the film a director makes needs to be ready beforehand, Tofiqi holds quite a different idea in this regard.

“A good thing about ‘Dilemma’ is that the screenplay doesn’t finish before the casting. We are not confronted with a closed screenplay; a screenplay that we aren’t able to revise,” ‘Amen’ director told ifilm.

Widely known as a filmmaker who makes successful TV series that always find way into hearts, ‘Dilemma’ has been a whole new step for Tofiqi as he believes that “The atmosphere of this project is really new to me and I hadn’t experienced it before.”

‘Dilemma’ narrates a romantic drama, enjoying some already known stars in the cast list, including Hamid Goudarzi, Mitra Hajjar and Afsaneh Chehreh-Azad.

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