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ifilm exclusively delves into award-winning ‘Life Again’

ifilm exclusive report delves into award-winning movie ‘Life Again’.

In an ifilm exclusive report, award-winning movie ‘Life Again’ with a theme on senior citizens has been delved into.

While the flick is mainly considered as the one centering on senior citizens in Iran, according to the ifilm exclusive report, the title does not necessarily focus on such people.

Director Reza Fahimi told ifilm that his film does not focus on an aged couple as mentioned in a short synopsis of the movie, adding, "That is not the whole story here."

He noted that ‘Life Again’ concerns every single person living in this world as we are "all surrounded by loneliness."

‘Life Again’ has garnered awards at Tirana International Film Festival in Albania and Golden Rooster Festival in China.

The movie narrates the story of two elderly people (a man and a woman) who are going to live in a nursing home. Though they try to go to nursing home, the events are arranged in a way that they are forced to live together.

Golab Adineh and Shams Langeroudi are among the cast.