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‘Pejman’ soundtrack composer talks to ifilm

ifilm exclusive report puts ‘Pejman’ soundtrack in spotlight.

In an exclusive talk with ifilm, Shaya Shoja-Nouri has shed light on music production for the series ‘Pejman’.

The young composer of ifilm all time favorite series ‘Pejman’ has explained how the making of the soundtrack for this very specific TV production has become a sweet memory to him.

Shoja-Nouri mentions that back then when he was commissioned to compose the piece, it was not customary for the papers to write about the music of a series specifically of this nature. He further explains that perhaps it was more common to write such articles about period dramas such as ‘In the Eye of the Storm’.

But how the nature of his production differs from other works is what he detailed saying his work had human voice as its main sound. He also said that this soundtrack had a mixture of craziness and fun which made it memorable to him and to his audiences.

To watch the series and get a better grasp of this talk click here.

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