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Iraj Nozari makes Sita cry: ifilm exclusive

Iraj Nozari reveals details about ‘Passenger from India’ in an ifilm exclusive report.

In another ifilm exclusive report, Iraj Nozari has revealed details about how he got Shila Khodadad out of the tight spot in ‘Passenger from India’ to learn Hindi in just two weeks.

Working as language consultant and the connective tissue between Khodadad and ‘Passenger from India’, Nozari was not initially very much willing to be part of the project because he thought that the group would not be able to make it in two weeks but then when he had second thoughts about it, he decided to be in it.

“I browbeat myself into doing it. I told myself that if I don't do it, then someone else would do it who doesn't probably have anything to do with it. And who knew where this ship would head to.” 

Nozari, who might be also remembered from ‘Reyhaneh’ and ‘Coma’, was responsible to make Shila linguistically prepared for the role of Sita as she was supposed to be playing an Indian girl who speaks Farsi and Hindi at the same time.  

In part of the interview, he mentions that when he was told an Iranian girl was going to play the role, he was surprised and was not sure if she would make it.

“It was a whole lot of new things. It was a new language and she had to learn it in just two weeks. The only thing I asked Shila was not to memorize whatever I told her because I was likely to give it a change.  But, she made a mistake and memorized some parts so we had an argument on the scene. She even cried and I told her that it's not going to help; it needs to be that way,” Nozari said as part of his experience in the project.

Nozari who also played the role of Sita’s uncle in the series says although his strictness made Khodadad cry, it was helpful to her as she admitted it to him.

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