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'Dark Intelligence' director talks with ifilm

Director of action series 'Dark Intelligence' says in an ifilm exclusive report that editing is of great significance.

Director of action series 'Dark Intelligence' Masoud Abparvar says editing is of great significance in making cinematic and TV works.

The director said in an ifilm exclusive report that "the editing is more important than mise en scène or the arrangement of objects and actors in the framing" in the case of his popular action series 'Dark Intelligence' and its sequel.

He also noted that "the main rhythm of a work comes from the montage technique in film editing."

The director also revealed to ifilm that he write dialogues for actor in a way to fit the movement of actors and their lip movements for the editing stage of his works.

Abparvar has directed some movies, including ‘Murder Online’ (2005), ‘The 25th Hour’ (2006), ‘Empty Magazine’ (2007), and ‘Vertigo’ (2008). He has also made actions series such as ‘Dark Intelligence 1’ (2010), ‘Dark Intelligence 2’ (2013) and 'Operation 125' all aired by ifilm.

The original series 'Dark Intelligence' follows Behrooz Ahmadi who is a police officer at the cyber crime unit of Tehran's Criminal Investigation Department. His unit is overloaded dealing with a wide variety of crimes from digital insurance fraud to international internet pyramid schemes.

But a case has grasped all Ahmadi's attention, which is related to a new criminal mastermind who goes by the name Kamran. Kamran has killed at least a member of Ahmadi's team. When Kamran learns the cyber crime officer is hot on his trail, he befriends Ahmadi's teenage son in his efforts to influence the cop and outsmart his team.