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New details on ‘Checkered Paper’

‘Checkered Paper’ to begin filming next month.

Veteran Iranian director Behrouz Afkhami’s latest film ‘Checkered Paper’ is scheduled to begin filming in August.

Afkhami who is also the film’s producer, launched the film’s pre-production in his first cinematic project in five years.

‘Checkered Paper’ is a cinematic collection made up of a few police films which will begin filming its first phase in August.

Mehdi Zaminpardaz, the film’s main character, will be starring as a criminal prosecutor.

Set in 1980s Tehran, Afkhami has written the film’s screenplay based on true stories from a legal prosecutor’s memoirs.

Upon retirement, the prosecutor plans on publishing his memoirs as a novel, part of which has been edited by Afkhami and will be featured in his film.

Afkhami began his career as a documentary maker for television before collaborating with Seifollah Daad in 1986 as a cinematographer in ‘Under the Rain’.

He made his directorial debut in television with ‘Jungle Commander’ in 1987 and later directed the blockbuster hit ‘The Bride’ in 1990.

The renowned filmmaker’s resume includes other hits such as ‘Day of the Angel’ (1993), ‘Day of the Devil’ (1994), ‘Takhti, the World Champion’ (1996-1997), ‘Hemlock’ (1998), ‘Morning’s Child’ (2008), ‘St. Petersburg’ (2009), and ‘Azar, Shahdokht, Parviz and Others’ (2013).