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Queen Palm fest nominates Iran’s short ‘Typhoon’

The Queen Palm int’l film fest in the US nominates Iranian short ‘Typhoon’.

The Queen Palm International Film Festival in the US has nominated Iranian short ‘Typhoon’.

Directed by Mostafa Akbari-Manjili, the short film is nominated for the best Script Award at the festival in June 2019.

The short flick narrates the story of a man and his son who are janitors of a garden. The two go fishing illegally. They go through challenges with the garden owner and fish buyers.

‘Typhoon’ has previously participated at the Lift-Off Global Network in Australia, the Alexandria Film Festival in Greece, and the Changing Face International Film Festival in Australia.

The short also won the Best Narrative Short award at the Milestone Worldwide Film Festival.

Queen Palm is a monthly film festival in California which hosts diverse films from around the world and aims to discover new voices through different platforms.