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In memory of the pioneering spirit, Abbas Kiarostami

ifilm English presents a film cut to honor Abbas Kiarostam's worldview.

ifilm English TV presents a film cut to avid cinephiles as a tribute to Abbas Kiarostam, an artistic polymath, who may no longer be among us, but he will continue to live within his lasting creations of art and cinema.

As one of the most venerated names and a towering figure in world cinema, Kiarostami deepened the world’s understanding of Iran and its people at the time western media did everything to put Iran in a black box and call it a global threat.    

Acclaimed filmmaker wrote and directed dozens of titles over a career spanning more than 40 years.  

Kiarostami passed away at 76 on July 4, 2016 in Paris where he had been undergoing hospital treatment for cancer. Rest in peace.


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