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Afsaneh Bayegan recalls memory of ‘Strange Sisters’: ifilm exclusive

ifilm publishes exclusive talk with 'Strange Sisters' star Afsaneh Bayegan.

In an ifilm exclusive talk with the female lead of tonight’s movie, Afsaneh Bayegan has recalled some of her sweet memories during ‘Strange Sisters’ film shoot.

Twenty four years later, Afsaneh Bayegan can still remember scenes that are etched in her memory; scenes that she believes taught her a great deal, “Mr. Pourahmad adopted a very unique realistic style that required a special form of acting so close to real life. I learned a great deal working in ‘Strange Sisters’ especially because Mr. Pourahmad has always been very kind and gentle.”   

When asked about her most favorite scene in the movie, she has a flashback to the scene where the couple goes back together, mentioning how the idea to use prayer beads as an indication of mystical love occurred to her late costar Khosro Shakibaee.

Bayegan also said she could not recognize the twin sisters who played the role of her daughters till the project wrapped up.    

‘Strange Sisters’ (1195), a sweet movie featuring some of the most beloved movie stars of its time, will hit air tonight at 22:00 GMT.

‘Strange Sisters’ to screen Saturday evening