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ifilm weekend pick, German adaptation: Exclusive

This weekend's ifilm flick is an adaptation of German 1949 novel by Erich Kästner.

This weekend's ifilm flick 'Strange Sisters' is an adaptation of German 1949 novel titled 'Lottie and Lisa' by Erich Kästner.

A box-office smash of Iran cinema back in the 90s, is set to entertain ifilmers on Saturday with a touching story adapted from Kästner's novel about twin girls separated at birth who meet at summer camp.

The sisters in ifilm movie are played by real-life twins named Elham and Elahe Aliyari who are now grown-up ladies.

Here is a synopsis of the movie which reads, "Nasrin lives with her single mother. Whenever she asks about her father, she's told that he suddenly went abroad and never came back. Narges is another girl who lives with her single father. Upon asking the same question about her mother, she gets the same reply as Nasrin does."

"When the two girls meet each other by coincidence during a school program, they realize they've been lied to about their parents and that they were twin sisters. Their father is engaged to get married to another woman, but Narges can't stand her. The two girls swap places and scheme to reunite their parents," the description for the flick adds.

Here is also a plot summary of the German novel which reads, "Nine-year-old Lisa from Vienna—bold, with a head of curls—meets Munich's buttoned-up Lottie at summer camp... Lisa living a colorful, big-city life with her father while Lottie keeps house with their gentle mother. Why have their parents separated? And how can they get to the bottom of the mystery? They decide to switch hairstyles, manners, and addresses—and that is where the adventure begins."

By any chances if you happened to read the novel, you would have the edge to find the similarities between the original work and the novel on screen.

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