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Russian film festival to host Iran’s ‘Sara and Aida’

Iran’s feature ‘Sara and Aida’ is to participate at the «In the family» Int'l film festival in Russia.

Iran’s feature ‘Sara and Aida’ has been set to participate at the «In the family» International film festival in Russia.

Directed by Maziar Miri, ‘Sara and Aida’ will participate at the competition section of the 14th edition of the Russian event.

‘Sara & Aida’ narrates the story of two intimate friends. "When the reputation of one of them is in danger, both of them try to help solve the situation. But how far will they go to support each other?" a synopsis for the film reads.

The film is starring Ghazal Shakeri, Pegah Ahangarani, Mostafa Zamani, Saeed Changizian, Tina Pakravan, and Shirin Yazdanbakhsh.

‘Sara and Aida’ won the best Feature Fiction Film award in a section titled Film from Asian Continent at the 10th Jaipur International Film Festival in India.

The 14th edition of the «In the family» International film festival will take place in the city of Yaroslavl on July 7-13, 2019.