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Five Iranian movies to appear on Iran silver screens

Five films receive required license to appear on silver screens in Iran.

Five Iranian films, including Ali Madani’s ‘Sunny Night’, have received the required license to appear on the domestic silver screens.

‘Sunny Night’ directed by Ali Madani is a 90-minute film suitable for kids and teenagers.

“The storyteller’s box, which is a source for the city’s calm and order, is abducted by jackals from the neighboring land. The sun replaces the moon. The night vanishes and the city’s order collapses. A number of children accidentally get involved in the incidents and help the detective to return the casket to the city,” a synopsis for the 3D animation reads.

‘Yalda’ written and directed by Masoud Bakhshi is also among the five films that have recently received the permit. The movie is produced by Ali Mosaffa.

The remaining films are ‘The Last Fist’ (Mosht-e Akhr) written and directed by Mehdi Fakhimzadeh, ‘Castle of Love’ by Elham Qassemof and Mohammad-Reza Honarmand’s ‘The Ninth Symphony’.