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ifilm stars talk about ‘Father’

Popular ifilm stars have talked about series ‘Father’.

Popular ifilm stars have talked about series ‘Father’.

Sina Mehrad, Reyhaneh Parsa and Mehdi Soltani, the main stars of the series have talked about their roles in ‘Father’.

‘Father’ narrates the story of two young people from completely different backgrounds who end up falling in love, against all odds.

Despite the difference in the background of the two families', Hamed’s father, Haj Ali, is faced with the challenge of welcoming a new daughter in law into their lives and being like a father to her.

Laya Zanganeh, Bijan Emkanian, Mehdi Soltani-Sarvestani, Majid Moshiri, Nima Raeesi, Kaveh Khoda-Shenas and Sina Mehrad star in the flick.

Reyhaneh Parsa, the star that brings to life Leila, has had her debut role in the series.