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Monday July 8, 2019 14:21159

ifilm holds talk with ‘Setayesh’ series actor

Daryoush Arjmand has talked about the reason he played the role of Heshmat Ferdows in ‘Setayesh’.

In an exclusive interview with ifilm, Daryoush Arjmand has talked about the reason he played the role of Heshmat Ferdows in ‘Setayesh’.

Daryoush Arjmand, the pioneering actor of cinema, theater, and television is one of the actors, who by means of playing different roles, has become well-known as an outstanding artist. The memorable roles that he has played in movies and TV series, so far, has become a part of the good memories of every individual in our society.

‘Imam Ali (AS)’, ‘Captain Khorshid’, ‘The Angelica’ and ‘The Young Police’ are just a very small part of his shining resume.

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ifilm English has conducted an interview with Daryush Arjmand who is one of the actors playing role in ‘Setayesh’ series currently being aired by the channel.     

ifilm: ifilm English airs ‘Setayesh’ these days. It is one of the everlasting series which the viewers will never forget the role of Heshmat Ferdows that you played. Could you elaborate on that please?

Daryoush Arjmand: Well, one of the reasons Heshmat Ferdows has become such a memorable role is that it was written based on my real character. It was specifically written for me. That’s why it is an everlasting role. Although many actors believe that their roles must not be offered to them based on their personality traits, I believe that it should happen sometimes and it will definitely have good results.

ifilm: Heshmat Ferdows is among those roles that if it had not been played well, it might have been rejected by the viewers. Is this a true assessment?

Daryoush Arjmand: I have lived with Heshmat Ferdows. I endured a lot of hardship to make what the director and I wanted to make out of this role. I made every effort to role model this character for an excellent performance. That’s why I worked hard on all the dialogs and all the movements of that character. Anyway, I am so happy that the viewers sympathize with this character up to this level and use some of his words in their daily speech. It shows the extent to which people welcomed this character.

ifilm: Years after the first airing of ‘Setayesh’ we want to know your thoughts on Heshmat Ferdows.

Daryoush Arjmand: Many viewers look at Heshmat Ferdows as the villain of the story but that is not true. In my opinion, Heshmat Ferdows is a person who does his best to keep his family safe and defend his privacy. Of course it is natural that he is worried about his child’s marriage. I believe that whatever he does is essential for the survival of his family. We must not forget that he had had bad experiences in his past. That’s why he is so sensitive about his family.

ifilm: Narges Mohammadi appeared before camera in ‘Setayesh’ series for the first time and you two were somehow co-actors.

Daryoush Arjmand: Well, I am not afraid of co-acting with young actors but what is always important for me is to reach an understanding with the young actor or actress in order to render a coherent acting experience. At first, I was a little worried when I found that this role had been offered to a young and inexperienced actress. I did not know if she could handle such a difficult role or not. In contrast, when I met her and found that she was a talented girl and had a face which was fit for this role I became somehow sure that she could, with the help of Saeed Soltani, play the role of ‘Setayesh’. She did a pretty good job and the viewers accepted it very well.

ifilm: As we know the shooting stage for the third sequel to ‘Setayeh’ has newly been ended. What is your idea about it? Did you expect that ‘Setayesh’ would ever get to a third sequel?

Daryoush Arjmand: In my opinion the second sequel to ‘Setayesh’ is more appealing and the third sequel will surprise the viewers. We have to wait and let the people judge it for themselves.