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Japan hosts 6th Iran Love and Peace Film Festival

Iranian movies go on screen at the 6th Hiroshima-Iran Love & Peace Film Festival in Japan.

Some six movies have gone on screen at the 6th edition of the Hiroshima-Iran Love & Peace Film Festival in Japan.

The festival organizers announced ‘The Lost Strait’ by Bahram Tavakkoli, ’23 People’ by Mehdi Jafari, ‘Leili Is with Me’ by Kamal Tabrizi, ‘Don’t Be Embarrassed’ by Reza Maqsudi, ‘Istanbul Junction’ by Mostafa Kiaee, and ‘Axing’ by Behrouz Shoeibi were among the films.

The Japanese event also reviewed Japanese anime ‘Junod’ by Shinichiro Kimura.

An Iranian delegation composed of actor Parviz Parastouee, actress Shabnam Moqaddami, directors Mehdi Jafari and Shoeibi, and producer Habib Valinejad attended the festival and held meetings and workshops.

The Hiroshima-Iran Love & Peace Film Festival aims to give courage and hope which are necessary to live for not only Hiroshima A-bomb and Iranian chemical weapon survivors in the past tragedies, but also all the people in the world.

The festival, directed by Parastouee, is dedicated to screening films about Iraq-Iran war in the 1980s and familiarizing the world with the injuries Iranian soldiers have suffered after war and consequences for the next generations.

The 6th edition of the event was held in Hiroshima on June 24-30, 2019.