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Jacob actor talks 'Prophet Joseph' most impressive scene: ifilm exclusive

In an ifilm exclusive report, actor of 'Prophet Joseph' series discloses how a sequence moved him the most.

In an ifilm exclusive report, actor of Jacob's character in 'Prophet Joseph' discloses how a sequence in the series has moved him the most.

Mahmoud Pakniyyat shared with ifilm details on the most impressive sequence in ‘Prophet Joseph’ series from his stand as the actor playing prophet Jacob.

"My pick among different sequences of this series is the one featuring the moment when Jacob meets his son after many years and that makes me cry for sure," he said of the scene, adding, "I remember when we saw the sequence after editing, we all had eyes wet with tears."

As for his casting story, he said, "When the late director Salahshour suggested a role in ‘Prophet Joseph’ series, the idea never crossed my mind to have played Jacob’s role."

Prophet Jacob guides the Israelites to pray to the One and Only God. God annunciates to him about the next prophet, who will be from his own generation. One night, his son, Joseph, dreams about the sun, the moon and eleven stars which kneel in front of him.

He tells Jacob, who advises him not to tell his brothers about the dream. Prophet Joseph is dear to Jews, Christians and Muslims alike. For centuries, the story of his life has been told over and over in many different ways and in many different languages. This is the Iranian version of a very beloved story.