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Hafez Awards recognized candidates

2019 Hafez Awards has announced Cinema section nominees.

2019 Hafez Awards has announced Cinema section nominees.

While the 19th edition of the Iranian film event has selected candidates in all related categories, here is the list of films being nominated for the Best film category.

 ‘Lovely Trash’ produced by Mohsen Amir-Yousefi

‘Bomb, a Love Story’ by Peyman Maadi and Ehsan Rasoulof

‘The Lost Strait’ by Saeed Malekan

‘Flaming’ by Mohammad-Reza Shafiei

‘Cold Fever’ by Mehdi Davari

‘I’m not Angry’ by Reza Dormishian

‘Murphy’s Law’ by Mohammad Shayesteh

‘Columbus’ by Hatef Alimardani

‘6.5 per Meter’ by Seyyed Jamal Sadatian

‘Sheeple’ by Saeed Sa’di


Candidates for the Best Director Award:

Bahram Tavakkoli for ‘The Lost Strait’

Reza Dormishian for ‘I’m not Angry’

Saeed Roustaei for ‘6.5 per Meter’

Houman Seyyedi for ‘Sheeple’

Hamid Nematollah for ‘Flaming’

Majid-Reza Mostafavi for ‘Astigmatism’


Candidates for the Best Screenplay Award:

Peyman Maadi for ‘Bomb, a Love Story’

Hamid Nematollah and Hadi Moqaddamdoust for ‘Flaming’

Soheil Beiraghi for ‘Cold Fever’

Hatef Alimardani for ‘Columbus’

Saeed Roustaei for ‘6.5 per Meter’

Houman Seyyedi for ‘Sheeple’


Candidates for the Best Actor Award:

Farhad Aslani for ‘Sheeple’

Siamak Ansari for ‘Bomb, a Love Story’

Navid Pourfaraj for ‘Sheeple’

Saeed Poursamimi for ‘Columbus’

Amir Jadidi for ‘Cold Fever’

Amin Hayaee for ‘Flaming’

Majid Salehi for ‘Columbus’

Javad Ezzati for ‘Millipede’

Reza Attaran for ‘Millipede’

Navid Mohammadzadeh for ‘6.5 per Meter’, ‘Sheeple’ and ‘I’m not Angry’

Mehran Modiri for (Rahman 1400)

Peyman Maadi for ‘6.5 per Meter’


Candidates for the Best Actress Award:

Mahour Alvand for ‘Hattrick’

Parinaz Izadyar for ‘6.5 per Meter’

Sara Bahrami for ‘Axing’

Sareh Bayat for ‘The Dark Room’

Hanieh Tavassoli for ‘Columbus’

Leila Hatami for ‘Bomb, a Love Story’

Zahra Davoudnejad for ‘No. 17 Soheila’

Sahar Dolatshahi for ‘Cold Fever’

Zhaleh Sameti for ‘Bearer’

Baran Kosari for ‘Cold Fever’

Shabnam Moqaddami for ‘Don’t Be Embarrassed’

Shirin Yazdanbakhsh for ‘Sheeple’

Launched in 1997, the Hafez Awards (also known as Donya-ye Tasvir Award) is an annual event which reviews the cinematic movies and TV series which screen during the year.

The 19th edition of the film event is slated for July 11, 2019.