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Confessions of an onscreen tough guy: ifilm exclusive

ifilm TV has recently had the chance to sit down with Kamran Taftri and talk about playing a big guy with a big heart in ‘Dear Brother’.

Actor Kamran Tafti has carved out his presence in movie industry, with viewers coming to mostly know him for his rugged looks, the huskiness in his voice and rock-solid build. But alongside his tough exterior, he exhibits a friendly, gentle demeanor that is well depicted through ifilm exclusive talk.  

“I’ve always said that life is too short that maybe right after this interview something happens and I will be no longer among you,” Tafti said during ifilm interview on ‘Dear Brother’ set.

Remembering late veteran actor Jamshid Mashayekhi, Tafti said that he does not want to have any regrets when death comes to him.

The onscreen tough guy has also said that he does everything in his power to help his friends if they are in need while staying happy of their achievements in life.


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