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Sorayya Qasemi describes death: ifilm report

Sorayya Qasemi talks to ifilm about her fake death report.

In an ifilm recent exclusive interview, Sorayya Qasemi, the mother of all mother series, has talked about her death hoax that made its way into mainstream media two years ago.

To Qasemi, fake death report is “A sick joke because family members might get anxious about it up until they find out it has been only a joke.”

Qasemi described death as a blessing that she is ready to embrace it anytime it arrives, saying, “Death is like setting free. And right now, right this time if I set free, I won’t be sad even a little bit because I don’t have anything undone. I don’t owe anything to anyone and I’m not also owed anything by anyone.”  

ifilm English wishes the veteran actress a long life. 


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