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Parisan in ‘We Few’ to surprise everyone

Star of ‘Saint Mary’ series portrays round character in new ifilm series ‘We Few’, review says.

Star of ‘Saint Mary’ series, Shabnam Qolikhani, portrays round character full of surprises for the audiences in new ifilm series ‘We Few’, review says.

According to a media review published on Fayyaz Mousavi’s series, Qolikhani who took on the female leading role named Parisan did a great job in portraying a well-rounded Iranian woman on the small screen.

The review added in the series - initially named ‘If That Was No love’ – the character portrayed by Qolikhani wears Iranian traditional hijab called Chador that leaves only the face uncovered different from Burqa worn mostly by the Arab women as a one-piece veil covering the whole face and body.

The costume design for the actress was appropriately on point as the character is a religious lady with her own reservations for doing evil.

While the viewers may not expect too much change or any wrongdoings in the case of a female character playing the positive role, a twist in behavior is what makes the series so interesting, the review notes.

Such portrayal contributes differently to the plot as Parisan is not really a positive character in the story-line and does something to push the boundaries of a simple young lady.

She is clever and simple, but as we approach the ending of the story, we are more likely to realize the real and multi-dimensional character of Parisan.

In other words, you will notice each layer of this character in the upcoming episodes of the series and see how this seemingly simple girl will surprise everyone.

Shabnam Qolikhani has a BA in Scenic Design and an MA in Theater Directing. She began her stage career in 1996 appearing in the play Antigone.

She found fame after appearing in the film ‘Saint Mary’ (2000) and her first small screen appearance was in ‘The First Night of Peace’ series in 2005.

Since then she has appeared in different series, including 'Stairway to Heaven’ (2009), ‘The Fifth Sun’ (2009), ‘Ancient Land’ (2010) and ‘Five Kilometers from Heaven’ (2011).