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On ‘Dark Intelligence 1’ musical score: ifilm exclusive

‘Dark Intelligence 1’ music composer and director sit for an exclusive talk with ifilm.

Dark Intelligence 1’ music composer Arman Mousapour and director Masoud Abparvar have sat for an exclusive talk with ifilm about the importance of score music in their action cop series.

Referring to ‘Dark Intelligence’ as his most favorite series, Mousapour said to ifilm camera that the series succeeded to meet all the standards necessary in making a cop series with regard to storytelling and visual effects.

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Mousapour has put an emphasis on the important role of a good film score in making it a hit and said, “In series with adventure undertones, the score plays an important role,” further adding that, “In fact, if you look back at successful shows, you would notice they have had very good score music.”

Mosapour, who also composed the soundtrack of ifilm popular series ‘kimia’, holds the idea that a movie scene can make him inspired and tell him what is needed to be done, “I mean I decide what type of music is needed for a movie or series by simply watching a scene; a score that fits well into the scene.”

Further in the talk, Abparvar confirmed the importance of a fitting score piece and talked about how atmospheric music can help create mood, saying, “We need music as an element to create an atmosphere especially in adventure projects. It is a crucial element even if it’s a simple music; it needs to be there to create the dreadful atmosphere to complete the scene.”